When car security matters most, we keep you on guard!
    FobGuard® stops signals going in or out from your key fob, thereby stopping a signal amplification attack.  Most fobs use a unique encrypted code to talk to the car and it changes each time, so a thief can't record the code. However, thieves now bypass that by just using the signal straight from the key, live, even when you're not using it and not anywhere near your car.  FobGuard® prevents against this kind of amplification attack.


    FobGuard™ is made in USA.


    • Do all fobs fit into FobGuard®?

      FobGuard® pouch interior dimensions are: 5.1" or 13.0 cm (length) x 3.3" or 8.4 cm (width).

      We haven't come across a key fob that doesn't fit.  If yours doesn't fit, send us a photo and we'll give you DOUBLE your money back.


      We are confident our build quality is the best in the business. We offer a 90-day warranty. 

      Please note: if your FobGuard® is deemed eligible for a replacement, shipping is free within USA only. For international buyers, please provide a USA shipping address or pay for shipping fees to your country.


      Yes, we deliver to anywhere in the world that a postoffice can reach.


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