If you have a car with vulnerable keyless entry, anyone can open your vehicle and simply drive it away

Using the signal emitted from your own key fob, thieves can open and operate your car without breaking into it leaving no trace. Try explaining that to your insurance company.

It’s called a “signal amplification attack”. Here’s how it works:

  • You think your fob is safe in your pocket or on your kitchen bench while you are shopping, working, or sleeping
  • A thief comes close to your fob (even through the walls of your house) and re-transmits that signal up to 1,000 feet away to their friend who is next to your car
  • Your car doors open instantly and if it has a push button start they can simply drive it away

FobGuard® security pouches ensure you don’t become a victim of this crime. Our patent pending “Military Spec” FobGuard® security pouch can save you thousands of dollars in uninsurable contents loss. Just put your keyless entry fobs inside a FobGuard® security pouch when you’re not using them and your car is protected.

There is no other solution except to put your key fob inside a faraday cage you can trust to protect you, and FobGuard® is the best there is. Buy a FobGuard® security pouch today for each of your fobs.

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Interview with the FobGuard® racing team

Stay safe

FobGuard® has over 300 five-star reviews on Amazon

Every review of a FobGuard® security pouch is a real review from a real customer. Some of our competitors have resorted to paying people to give them favorable reviews. We will never pay for a review. FobGuard® security pouches sell themselves by word of mouth alone. Our pouches are made with the highest quality and commensurately very expensive shielding materials, direct from Germany. When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for. How valuable is your car to you?

Help put the genie back in the bag

Finally Found the Right Solution To My Ongoing FOB Security Problem! Great product, and worth the price for security.

Frugal Gourmet, Verified Amazon Purchase

Great, quality product

We tested them right next to the car and it still blocked the signal and wouldn’t unlock the car. Great product!

Jim O, Amazon Verified Purchase


It works well, easy to use. I’d buy it again

Si A, Amazon Verified Purchase

Very effective

Without one of these guards I was able to open my car from inside my house easily. But I can’t even open the door standing next to the car if my remote is inside.

Mike S, Amazon Verified Purchase

Love it so far; ordering two more!

Will keep this item in mind for future gifts for other friends and family with wireless key fobs.

KR, Amazon Verified Purchase


Works exactly as advertised and fits easily in front pocket. Having this gives me a much higher comfort level.

David P, Amazon Verified Purchase

Awesome security pouch!

The FobGuard pouch works perfectly. It really does shield the signal as stated. No more worries about car thieves accessing the signal with the equipment they use. Will recommend this product to all family and friends, thanks for making this available.

RD, Amazon Verified Purchase

It really works!

I feel confident that there will be no transmission of my fob’s information into the wrong hands. While my fob is secured in the pouch, my cars will not unlock until I remove it. Very cool. I need two more!

Lisa S, Amazon Verified Purchase

Fabulous FobGuard

Love the product. Only suggestion for improvement would be to make the inside fabric loop slightly bigger/longer, as this would make it much easier to attach the fob.

Robyn, Amazon Verified Purchase
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FobGuard® is your best choice for a security pouch

Prevention is better then cure

  • Prevent theft of valuables
  • Prevent theft of vehicle (if you have “push to start” your car will drive until it runs out of gas)
  • Prevent carjacking
  • Prevent unexplainable insurance loss

Other great uses

  • Stop doors unlocking accidentally
  • Stop tailgate opening accidentally
  • Choose which of two fobs are active
  • Protect credit cards, apartment key fobs and all other RFID devices
  • Prevent a key fob in your house locking and unlocking your car over and over due to “intermittent” proximity to where you store your keys, wearing out your battery
  • Occasions where you might need to leave a spare fob in your glove box/underneath/with/near the car

FobGuard® is the brand car owners trust

  • 100% effective, patent pending design
  • Specific design for automotive keyless entry fobs
  • Tough sports nylon on the outside ready for every day wear and tear
  • High tech faraday cage on the inside, up to 100db attenuation*
  • Independently tested, German military grade materials
  • Same product now used by rental car companies for their car lots
  • Small, light, flexible and unobtrusive – easy to carry in your pocket
  • Money back guarantee

Industry Experts Say

“Hundreds of thousands of vehicles in driveways and parking lots today remain open to the wireless theft method” – WIRED

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Quality you can see. Performance you can trust.

Enjoy the security provided by our 99.9% pure silver plated hook and loop fastener. The quality of a FobGuard security pouch is visible to the naked eye. One more reason why thousands of car owners like yourself have chosen the FobGuard brand to protect their assets.

Military Spec German Shielding Fabric

  • Military Spec Shielding Fabric
  • Imported directly from Germany
  • Proprietary formulation of woven conductive silver/copper/nickel for maximum shielding capability

400d Nylon Exterior

  • 400d Nylon
  • Tough and enduring protection for every day use
  • Water resistant

Silver Plated Hook & Loop

  • The highest grade hook and loop fasteners available
  • 5000 cycle count
  • Silver plated for maximum shielding
  • Does not tarnish

Reinforced and Bar Tack Stitching

  • High quality stitching with thick nylon thread
  • Bar tack stitches made in both sides
  • Easy-open tabs X stitched to further ensure durability

Third generation features

External Keyring Attachment Loop

  • Make use of the external keyring attachment loop to allow for each connection to a keyring or carabiner

Internal Fob Attachment Loop

  • Enjoy the safety provided by the internal key fob attachment loop
  • Be 100% sure your fob will never fall out of your pouch and risk damage

Each Open Pull Tabs

  • Enjoy the easy open pull tabs so it’s always easy to open your FobGuard security pouch

Fits all fobs

  • Fits all size of keyfobs

Technical Specifications

  • Interior Dimensions: 3 1/4” Width x 4 1/4” Length
  • Construction: Double Layer Inside Single Strip Closure
  • Material: Double layer conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant material made in Germany, protected by high durability 400 denier sports nylon
  • Attenuation: Shielding effectiveness of up to 100dB with an average of 85dB in the range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz and an average 80dB in the range of 1 GHz to 11 GHz. Material has been tested by an independent lab to Mil. STD. 285.
  • Suitable for: Electronic Car Keys/Fobs, RFID Devices, Credit Cards

Shielding Effectiveness

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Watch thieves caught on camera stealing unprotected vehicles

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