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FobGuard® security pouch: Ideal Faraday Cage to Protect Car Keyless Entry Fobs

Protect your car and its contents with a FobGuard® security pouch - a high quality "faraday cage" for your car key fob. Buy one for each of your key fobs.

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Did you know that while you're sleeping, shopping or at work, thieves can open and even operate your car without breaking into it?

Did you know they can do it using your keyless entry fob using a "signal amplification attack"? Yes, that same fob you thought was "safe" on your bedside table, in your pocket at the supermarket, or on your desk at work can have its signal stolen and used by a thief up to 1,000 feet away to open your car and in many cases then simply drive it away!

"Hundreds of thousands of vehicles in driveways and parking lots today remain open to the wireless theft method" - WIRED

It sounds infuriating, but thieves using a signal amplifier made from cheap, readily available parts can simply walk up to your car, open the door, steal your belongings, and then leave the car without any evidence of tampering. Try explaining that to your insurance company. Depending on your car model, they can drive it away too.

It's easy to ensure you are never a victim. Our patent pending "Military Spec" FobGuard® security pouch can save you thousands of dollars in uninsurable contents loss or worse the loss of your whole car. Just put your keyless entry fobs inside a FobGuard® security pouch when you're not using them and your car is protected.

This problem is getting worse and it's not going away. The devices used to do this are becoming easier to buy, cheaper to make and more powerful every day. There is no known solution except to put your key fob inside a faraday cage you can trust to protect you, and FobGuard® brand security pouches are the best there is. Buy a FobGuard® security pouch today for each of your fobs.

Just look at the tsunami of news reports about this problem:

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  • Thieves operate in pairs and take the faint whisper from the key fob in your house, work or on your person, and then amplify or relay it to make it heard by your car as if your fob it was in their hands! Here's how it works:

    1. The first thief "listens" for your fob signal. They might follow you into a store or cafe, or stand next to the wall of your house.
    2. This thief "amplifies" or "relays" the signal to an accomplice who is standing next to your car, up to 1,000 feet away!
    3. Your car thinks your fob is next to the car and the doors open instantly. Once inside if your car has push button start, they simply push start and drive it away (for safety reasons, your car won't stop until they manually stop the car).

    It's that easy for them, unless your fob is protected. Buy a FobGuard® security pouch today and get protected today.

    You don't need to put your car keys in your freezer, but you do need to protect your keys with our keyless entry fob "faraday cage".

    • 100% effective, patent pending design
    • Specific design for automotive keyless entry fobs
    • Tough sports nylon on the outside ready for every day wear and tear
    • High tech faraday cage on the inside, up to 100db attenuation*
    • Independently tested, German military grade materials
    • Same product now used by rental car companies for their car lots
    • Small, light, flexible and unobtrusive - easy to carry in your pocket
    • Money back guarantee

    Our small, lightweight, flexible and durable "faraday cage" is popular with car owners, rental car companies and replacement remote key manufacturers to stop their keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.

    There has been a steady increase in the number of thefts of vehicles and their contents in recent years as the technology to manipulate keyless entry devices has become cheaper and easier to obtain.


    FobGuard® security pouches are manufactured from the highest quality materials. A double layer of German military grade ultra high specification conductive silver/copper/nickel material is first stitched together. Then we wrap the faraday cage in a further layer of tough 400 denier sports nylon to protect it from daily wear and tear. Finally the pouch is sealed using a unique hook and loop closure made using silver. Our uncompromising design ensures your device is completely enveloped inside a true "faraday cage" with unparalleled shielding performance.

    Each layer of the material we use has an average shielding effectiveness of 85dB in the range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz and an average 80dB in the range of 1 GHz to 11 GHz. We use multiple layers for increased performance giving you up to 100dB of attenuation exactly where you need it.


    We have constantly innovated and improved our product based on customer feedback. The result is over 200 5-star reviews for our FobGuard® security pouches. Let's keep it simple - as one customer succinctly puts it, "It works!"

    Every single FobGuard® review is 100% genuine and trustworthy. These reviews speak for themselves and are the result of our commitment to using the highest quality materials, enforcing exacting quality controls and keeping an open communication channel with our customers to gather feedback. These three attributes are what have created the best product in the market today to protect you against signal relay and amplification attacks. Buy a FobGuard® brand security pouch today and you can be sure you're buying the genuine article.

    We have never engaged in the soliciting of reviews, and as a result both FobGuard® pouches and our company have always had perfect "grade A" scores on FakeSpot, with 0.0% unreliable reviews and no "scrubs". If you're considering a competitor, please do your research or you might not get what you paid for. Caveat emptor.


    FobGuard® pouch features


    Field tests have shown 99.99% average signal attenuation. Customer testimonials prove that our design and materials outperform the competition. These pouches are built to last and can be reused over and over again with minimal shielding degradation. Buy a FobGuard® security pouch now for each of your fobs.


    In addition to stopping signal amplification and relay attacks, a FobGuard® pouch has many other practical uses:

    • Keep your doors securely locked while you're pumping gas, grabbing a coffee or doing some other task "near" your car
    • Choose which of two fobs that you have on you (or with your partner) will be used to communicate with your car
    • Those occasions where you might need to leave a spare fob in your glove box/underneath/with/near the car
    • Stop a key fob in your house/work locking and unlocking your car over and over due to "intermittent" proximity to where you store your keys, wearing out your battery and locks
    • Protect credit cards, apartment key fobs and all other RFID devices
    • If your fob has raised buttons that are easily accidentally pressed, we have many happy customers who consider their FobGuard® pouch a life saver because it will prevent your doors, trunk or power tailgate from accidentally opening up as you walk away from your car.

    Once you have a FobGuard® pouch, you won't know how you lived without it. Buy one today for these handy additional uses! 


    FobGuard® pouches are a great gift idea for for this Christmas. Let those close to you know that you care about them and are looking out for their safety. It's a great way to let them know about the problem and give them a solution at the same time. We offer big discounts on the purchase of multiple FobGuard® pouches in any single order.


    • Interior Dimensions: 3 1/4” Width x 4 1/4” Length
    • Construction: Double Layer Inside Single Strip Closure
    • Material: Double layer conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant material made in Germany, protected by high durability 400 denier sports nylon
    • Attenuation: Shielding effectiveness of up to 100dB with an average of 85dB in the range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz and an average 80dB in the range of 1 GHz to 11 GHz. Material has been tested by an independent lab to Mil. STD. 285.
    • Suitable for: Electronic Car Keys/Fobs, RFID Devices, Credit Cards

    *Tested in accordance with Modified Mil. Std. 285

    ADAC (Germany's foremost automobile association) testing the attack (in German)

    Der Marsch team demonstrating the attack (also in German)

    Protect yourself and get yourself the tried and tested solution - buy a FobGuard® security pouch now!